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Due to the Proprietary and Confidential nature of Terra Pacific’s Advanced Custom Building Systems (ACBSystems) we kindly ask that you simply send us the Form below and you will be automatically forwarded a complete information package.
In the meantime, our Superior Value and Why Concrete? Sections provide great information for appreciating the fundamentals of our Tropical Building System engineered to meet the challenges of the tropical environment in the most cost effective and durable manner possible.

Major advantages include….

  • Greatest Value – Concrete Structure
  • Reduced Design & Construction Time
  • Highest Quality, Strength & Durability
  • Lowest Maintenance & Operating Costs
  • Eliminates Termite and Mold Concerns

Our Advance Custom Building System provides peace of mind with the longest structural warranty in the business.

SPECIAL NOTE: If we are building from your Architect’s Plans, we can convert your structural drawings to concrete construction. Or, if you and  your Architect so choose, our crew is extremely experienced at advanced framing techniques in nominal lumber and  timber framing & complex  joinery  for post & beam tropical hardwood structures.