The Terra Pacific Advantage

Terra Pacific’s core strength is building exceptional Tropical Homes at superior value.
Value is…

  • born through great design
  • realized with building process systems
  • maximized by the builder’s purchasing power

Great design produces beautiful homes. It also sets the stage for everything during construction. Smart designs yield great savings and higher build quality. We call this Value Engineering and it’s built into Terra Pacific’s Design System. It’s a relentless drive toward maximizing the benefit of each construction dollar. Whether you engage a highly skilled Architect or draw on the experience of Terra Pacific, the path to success is always the same… experience, innovation and our determination to exceed your expectations.

There is no substitute for excellence.

Organization of the building process is key to the value of every project.  Our approach has been fine-tuned over the course of  over 20 years in construction businesses . The combined experience of the principles of Terra Pacific have satisfied thousands of customers during our careers with many extraordinary and award-winning results including large scale, time sensitive commercial and residential projects.  The common element in our approach has been systemizing the design-build process. Today, Terra Pacific’s Advanced Custom Building System (ACBSystem) offers State-of-the-Art construction techniques starting with our Integrated Tropical Design System (ITDSystem).  Terra Pacific Island Homes are all designed incorporating our ultra-efficient concrete construction systems.  The great advantage of our tried and true building system is that our clients benefit with a home constructed with structural concrete at a price competitive with good quality  2×6 framing. In the harsh tropical environment with high wind loads, salt air, mold and termites posing very real challenges, Terra Pacific recognizes that  no other building material even remotely compares to the strength, durability, low-maintenance and resistance to mold & termites achieved by concrete.

SPECIAL NOTE: If we are building from your Architect’s Plans, we can convert your structural drawings to concrete construction. Or, if you and  your Architect so choose, our carpenters are experienced at advanced framing techniques in nominal lumber and  timber framing with complex  joinery  for post & beam tropical hardwood structures.

Finally, your builder’s purchasing power relates directly to your bottom line. For a given specification, the best cost must be achieved. To accomplish this, Terra Pacific’s associate company BLUE PLANET::GREEN LIVING directly supplies windows & doors, kitchens & cabinetry, tubs & sinks, flooring & tile  and a wide range of specialty items. Simply stated, the shorter the supply chain, the greater the value. When building on remote islands, cost controls are challenging so we eliminate middlemen. BLUE PLANET::GREEN LIVING’s supply  chain is Factory-Direct which is as efficient as you can get. Another value added advantage is that we generate shop drawings in-house, this allows us to deliver highly customized work at very competitive rates – typically 25% – 50% less than the competition.

If you are looking to build to from your Architect’s plans or engage Terra Pacific to design your Island Home, as your builder, we will deliver Strong, Green and Beautiful…. with superior value.