Tradition meets Technology

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Ventilation & cooling considerations are the most significant aspect of tropical home design. They’re not something that can be added at the end of a build. Effective systems can only be designed in from the beginning. Inevitably, those that don’t pay attention to this critical function end up depending on air conditioning and the associated inconvenience,  high costs and poor air quality.

Centuries of tropical home building have refined key architectural characteristics such as wide eves, low walls and high pitched roofs. These traditional design elements are based on the need to keep the home comfortable in the tropical climate without air conditioning. Modern technology has stepped in and provided the benefits of solar powered ventilation, reflective barriers and Low-E glass.  Terra Pacific builds homes where the best of the best from tradition and technology  are integrated into our Island Home Designs as standard features.

We focus on four key areas…

  • maximizing natural cooling effects and passive cooling systems
  • maximizing air circulation and efficiently exhausting rising hot air
  • minimizing heat gain through the use of materials that reflect solar radiation
  • minimizing heat gain from appliances, lighting and equipment

The drawing above outlines 24 Ventilation & Cooling Features designed into all Terra Pacific Island Homes. When designed in as part of an overall ventilation & cooling strategy, these features work in synergy and provide a cool and comfortable living environment. In the Hawaiian climate, no air conditioning is necessary with the added benefits of lower energy consumption and higher air quality.