The Art of Tropical Living

Terra Pacific’s Advanced Custom Building System (ACBSystem) starts with our Integrated Tropical Design System (ITDSystem).  Terra Pacific Island Homes are all built within the same ultra-efficient construction system.  As such, each plan set is interchangeable. For example, any floor plan (or any part of any floor plan) can be interchanged with any architectural style. The result is unlimited architectural flexibility in a design environment that generates Conceptual Drawings, customized for each individual owner, very quickly. Overall adjustments to square footage are easily modified and our Cost Control System generates real time cost variances for financial decision making as part of the design process. Further revisions of both architectural elements and the floor plan are also achieved rapidly during the Design & Development Stage as your home is personalized to enhance your tropical lifestyle.

Advantages of our integrated and systemized approach to design and construction include….

  • Significantly shorter conceptual and development design time with faster permitting
  • Reduced design costs and ability to review cost estimates for design options in real time
  • Unlimited design flexibility with the ability to effectively consider many design options
  • Higher quality and strength of construction with a net reduction in building costs

We invite you to explore the plans sets featured in this section and as you do, keep in mind that almost anything is possible!

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Tropical Fusion blends the very best Tropical Architecture from around the Pacific Rim. Form and function find balance in a purist approach toward each element of Tropical Design. What works to maintain a cool interior environment is always an aesthetic treat. Trademark features include split-pitch roofs with wide eaves, vaulted ceilings and open interiors blending seamlessly with the outdoors. The effect achieves the goal – beautiful homes for an ultra-comfortable island lifestyle. Tropical Fusion provides the opportunity to make the ultimate architectural statement in contemporary tropical living.

Tropical Modern
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Tropical Modern represents the cutting-edge in Tropical Home Design and Construction. Cost effective to build, a Terra Pacific Tropical Modern Home sets the benchmark for today’s Island living. We showcase the latest technologies in environmental engineering with living roofs, integrated energy & water efficiency systems and innovative, green construction practices. The Architecture flows effortlessly from spacious interiors through lanais to surrounding water gardens. Art and technology unite in each Tropical Modern Home to celebrate the ultimate in world-class, Eco-Resort Style Living.

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Contemporary Balinese Architecture balances a rich cultural perspective with Western influences. Arranged as a collection of pavilions, our designs capture the essence of Bali Style with high-pitched roofs, layered to provide natural light and ventilation. Vaulted ceilings soar overhead showcasing exceptional fan rafter and open-truss craftsmanship. Spacious interiors are a gallery of natural textures that embrace covered courtyards with exotic water features. Our Bali Style Homes define the art of tropical living with authentic characteristics sure to enlighten and rejuvenate your senses.

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Born by fusing traditional Balinese design with modern concepts, a fresh International Style has emerged. Bali Modern Homes feature bold, geometric shapes dramatically expressed in our kite-style roof structures. Understated finishes, stone elements and indoor terraces with water gardens create the sensation of living in a natural environment. Transcending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, vanishing walls lead to expansive outdoor living rooms. Bali Modern Homes are an expression of an open-air lifestyle with all the luxurious comforts of a private retreat.

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Terra Pacific’s Hawaiiana Designs capture the essence of old Hawaiian charm. Essential design elements are based on historical relevance and include open rafter ceilings with bamboo underlay, classic Hawaiian truss work, exposed rafter tails and authentic detailing. Inviting interiors, complete with punei are light and airy with contemporary interpretations of Hawaiian Style. The end result is cost-conscious and celebrates a casual lifestyle. Our Hawaiiana Designs are ideally suited to both small beach houses and larger estates where the owner is seeking the relaxing virtues of yesteryear.

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Our Plantation Homes are a contemporary interpretation of Hawaii’s traditional Plantation Style. Value results from what doesn’t busy the architecture. Hallmarks of Terra Pacific’s Plantation Designs include exteriors with classic plantation details, double-hung windows, lava stone columns and natural hardwood board and batten. Generous glass, in the form of expansive windows and doors, provides superior ventilation and views from luxuriously appointed interiors. A Plantation Style Home rewards the owner with island living at its classic best – casual elegance and timeless beauty.