Building Strong, Green & Beautiful


In 2009, Terra Pacific Construction began building Kalihi Kai Vista which is targeted as the First LEED® Platinum Home on Kaua’i.  LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is administered by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) and is the leading accreditation for building green in America. The program is point-based with the points awarded via 3rd party inspections for the use of sustainable materials and construction practices as well as many other aspects of design and construction that relate to energy conservation, environmental sustainability and erosion control. LEED® Platinum is their highest level of building green.


It is anticipated that Kai Vista will meet the required points to reach LEED® Platinum Status.   Much of the home was constructed with select reclaimed materials.  All custom hardwood windows and doors have been manufactured using reclaimed teak and incorporate Low-E glass.   Terra Pacific specializes in the use of sustainable building materials such as FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified lumber which has been used throughout the project for ceilings, truss work, flooring, decking and shingles. All cabinets, mill work and counter tops are constructed from sustainable sources. Design and construction parameters minimize waste and promote durability which also has the effect of reducing both construction and long term ownership costs.  USGBC approved materials with low VOCs are both good for our planet and improve air quality for the occupants.  Alternative energy sources include an 8.3 KW photovoltaic systems and three 120 gallon solar hot water systems.  Energy efficient measures include radiant barrier in all ceilings and walls as well as a ventilation plan that utilizes both solar powered and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) fans to minimize solar heat gain and maximize warm air flow out of the home.  Energy Star pumps, fans, appliances, and lighting fixtures, including the use of LED light bulbs, reduce energy consumption dramatically – current estimates are by 50% or more.  Custom low flow faucets and dual flush toilets will save thousands of gallons of water annually.  Heat island effects from the building structures and surrounding hardscapes are minimized through the use of high SRI (Solar Radiation Index) surface color selections for materials such as roofing, exterior plaster, garden paths, and the driveway.  Kai Vista’s landscape plan incorporates rare native species which will be colonized for future distribution into the community.  Our site plan’s main focus is to maintain the natural aspects of the property by controlling run-off and erosion.   To this end, landscape design specifications such as drought tolerant plants, rain gardens, boulder walls, and drainage systems, including dry wells, serve to protect the surrounding environment.  A 5000 gallon rain water catchment cistern, located under the reef of the swimming pool, will supply irrigation requirements. Finally, during construction Terra Pacific has run a recycling program for all bottles, cans and packaging as well as a waste management program that achieved less than 1% waste from nominal lumber and plywood which helped saved thousands of pounds of debris from ending up as landfill.

Part of the LEED® Certification process includes educating the general public and businesses about energy conservation and sustainable construction practices.  We believe that sharing information about Kai Vista will help inspire others to participate in their own daily environmental stewardship and lead the way for responsible building practices on our beautiful island.  People need to know that building green is a great way to ensure high quality during the construction process while being responsible to the environment and creating a healthy place to live.  An informed general public can make a difference.

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