Protecting your Investment

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One of the greatest concerns for owners building in a tropical environment is the prevention of termites. Counter measures must be designed-in by specifying materials that don’t simply retard termite damage but actually provide the most effective barrier. Concrete, for instance, is impervious to termites, wood (even hardwoods marketed as termite-proof) are not. Where wood is used in the construction of Terra Pacific Island Homes, special anti-termite measures are specified. With our innovative and comprehensive approach, Terra Pacific is the industry leader at  safe guarding against termites.

Moisture control goes hand in hand with termite control. Moisture controls include the prevention of water accumulating around each structure and sealing the home more than sufficiently. Dry, well ventilated homes are less prone to termite infestation. Terra Pacific Island Homes incorporate wide ranging features to promote ventilation – many unique to our designs, not commonly employed by other builder’s.

Our industry leading safeguards include…

  • the use of building materials which are truly impervious to termites such as concrete, copper and imperial plaster.
  • advanced building techniques such as termite guards within concrete foundations and epoxy coating systems.
  • specifying a full range of moisture control features to prevent water from entering the home
  • providing a full range of ventilation features to ensure humid air is efficiently removed from the home

The drawing above outlines 24 features designed into Terra Pacific Island Homes. Each feature is critical for the successful prevention of termites with proper moisture controls playing a key role. The use of materials and building techniques that are truly impervious to termites is what sets Terra Pacific Island Homes apart and truly protects your investment.