Premium Materials, Optimum Value

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All Tropical Homes are not created equal.  The single greatest advantage of a Terra Pacific Island Home is the use of concrete for its structure rather than stick framing. Our Advance Custom Building Systems (ACBSystems) incorporate the use of structural concrete engineered in the most efficient manner possible. When combined with Terra Pacific’s ability to provide building materials at factory pricing (especially windows & doors), the cost savings off-sets the expense of structural concrete. The net result is all the superior characteristics of a concrete home at a cost that is competitive with 2×6 framing.

Beyond the higher value of concrete construction,  ACBSystems also incorporate a wide range of innovative building systems and materials specifications designed to enhance the overall durability and aesthetic of each home.

Our objectives are as follows…

  • to achieve structural concrete construction that is cost competitive with stick framing and provides superior durability than hardwood
  • to build the most advanced tropical roof systems by incorporating both advanced engineering and traditional timber framing techniques
  • to enhance value and personalize each home with premium selections of exotic woods, stones, tubs, sinks, cabinets and unique custom features
  • to build using green construction practices including Energy Star appliances and premium low flow faucets as standard features

The drawing above outlines 24 Materials, Structure & Roof elements specified for all Terra Pacific Island Homes.  Each element is engineered or selected to deliver the highest value, greatest durability and most aesthetically pleasing result for the owner.  Terra Pacific Island Homes are created to stand test of time for generations to come.