Building Strong, Green & Beautiful

If you build a house better –  you get a better house. What follows is a summary of many of the Green Technologies and Building Practices incorporated  or recommended by Terra Pacific Island Homes….



Dust, viruses, bacteria, humidity, pollen, pollution and chemicals all affect the air quality of a home. Superior filtration and ventilation, along with smart choices of home-finishing products creates a healthier home.

  • Air Filtration -  Terra Pacific Island Homes are equipped with ASHRAE Fans with air filters that eliminate anything larger than 0.3 microns in diameter – smaller than ragweed pollen, pet dander, mold, many bacteria and viruses. The result is a home that offers a fresher, healthier indoor environment.
  • Ventilation – Terra Pacific Island Homes incorporate effective ventilation systems that also help control the moisture and humidity in the home thereby minimizing the chance of mold & moisture problems for closets, walls, windows, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Indoor Contaminants – Volatile Organic Compounds known as VOC’s are off-gassed from many materials used during the construction of a new home. The use of adhesives, paints and other finish products that eliminate chemicals in the indoor environment significantly increase indoor air quality for occupants.


Terra Pacific Island Homes are built to stringent energy efficiency specifications. Many things affect energy consumption within a home and our menu of energy efficiency options, from which a client can choose, all help to reduce long term operational costs.

  • Insulation – Minimizing the effect of solar radiation is a cornerstone of energy efficient design. Reflective barriers in roofs and exterior walls minimize heat gain and thereby reduce, energy consumption and can play a large role in eliminating the need for air conditioning.
  • Electricity – Photovoltaic Systems in conjunction with ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances and energy efficient lighting such as LED bulbs reduce energy costs. They also reduce heat gain within the living environment.
  • Hot Water – Hot water accounts for about 20% of a home’s energy use, so it’s a great place to achieve savings. Incorporating  solar powered hot water heaters delivers reliable hot water.

In addition, all hot water pipes can be insulated.


Hawaii’s wealth of fresh water reserves have been misunderstood and misrepresented for years. Two things are clear:  we don’t have unending supplies of replenishable fresh water and the cost of supplying water to homes, businesses and institutions, is one of the largest expenses faced by municipalities today. Less water used means less water to move and great cost savings for home owners.

  • Toilets – Low volume and dual flush toilets create instant savings by utilizing a lower volume flush without sacrificing performance.
  • Faucets/Showerheads – Aerators sustain water pressure while reducing the flow, so for washing, cleaning and showering you can accomplish more with less water.
  • Appliances, especially dishwashers and washers can use tremendous amounts of water – ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances use significantly less.


When planning and designing a Terra Pacific Island Home, great care goes into the selection and ordering of materials. Waste is significantly reduced, by applying a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy. Less to order,  less to ship, less to pay for… it all adds up to savings. Using high recycled content products and recycling construction waste are important parts of our program that greatly reduce the volume of waste  sent off to landfill.

  • Recycled Products – There are many places throughout a house where materials containing recycled or partially recycled products offer improved quality and environmental benefits.
  • Engineering – Engineering the structure with concrete reduces the amount of new ‘raw’ wood and out performs its framed wood competitors with greater strength and durability. Impervious to termites and mold, concrete also reduces maintenance issues.
  • Recycling – On the building site, wood goes in one box and metals in another (etc). Where available Terra Pacific takes advantage of municipal recycling programs in order to divert construction waste away from landfills.


  • Drainage Systems – Dry wells and properly designed site grades and swales, in conjunction with Rain Gardens, are a great way to prevent excessive run-off and the destructive effects of erosion.
  • Anaerobic Septic Systems – modern technology allows septic systems with filtration to produce potable water. While most are hesitant to drink the perfect water, it can be recycled for grey water or irrigation usage.
  • Irrigation – properly designed irrigation systems that include sensors to prevent irrigating when rainfall has been sufficient are an obvious way to conserve water. The best design solutions include the installation of a rain water cistern.